Cognitive Scientist | Experience Designer

I am a cognitive scientist & experience designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In short, I make things look nice and feel good!

I currently manage the full spectrum of digital, customer and employee experiences at MM Adventure, a small Malaysian travel company. This involves varying degrees of user experience design product design service design & business process optimization among other processes.

Selected Projects

Redesigning MM Adventure

#Product Design  #User Experience Design  #Web Design

The MM Adventure website is the main location where prospective customers find information about the tours and services on offer, where, when ready, they book and make payments for their preferred tours, and where anyone can look up information about the company.

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Tourism Product Development

#Product Design  #Service Design  #Brand Management

The re-development of MM Adventure's range of product offerings was an exercise in balancing the needs and wants of the customers, the destination highlights, the total service offering, the regulatory requirements, and the presentation and marketing strategy.

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Rebranding MM Adventure

#Brand Management  #Graphic Design  #Strategic Management

After 20 years of success in the adventure travel niche, MM Adventure went through a major organizational change which led to the company pivoting into new markets and targetting completely different niches, therefore requiring a total overhaul in brand strategy.

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e-Learning Course Development

#Instructional Design  #Project Management  #Client Work

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More About Me

At the moment, I am also the managing director at MM Adventure, where I am in-charge of managing all day-to-day operations, of managing the whole team of internal staff and tour guides, and for making - and being accountable for - strategic decisions that affect the success of the company.

In the past, I've worked as an instructional designer, assisted on academic research projects, developed digital content for e-learning projects, and spent over 5 years leading program management teams in organizing a range of events, from product launches to community and student engagement events.

For fun, I spend my time making things, solving puzzles, taking photos and playing with cats!

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